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Structures & Bridges

Enhancing Structures and Landmarks with Illumination Solutions

Our Offerings

When it comes to illuminating structures, bridges, and enhancing landmarks, Lightworks utilizes product solutions sourced from various reputable manufacturers. Whether it's illuminating a water tower, an expressway interchange, an underdeck structure, a small or large bridge, an existing landmark, or a new construction project, Lightworks specializes in providing accent lighting treatments to enhance their visual appeal and functionality.

Some of the manufacturers Lightworks collaborates with include:

  • Current (GE): Current offers a diverse range of outdoor and architectural lighting solutions, including LED luminaires and lighting controls. Their products are designed to meet the unique requirements of each project while delivering energy efficiency and superior performance.

  • Lumascape: Lumascape is a leading provider of architectural lighting solutions, specializing in high-performance luminaires for outdoor and underwater applications. Their products are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions while delivering powerful and energy-efficient illumination. Lumascape's innovative lighting fixtures are often used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of structures, bridges, and landmarks, creating captivating lighting effects that transform outdoor spaces.

  • Lumecon: Lumecon is recognized for its comprehensive range of outdoor LED lighting solutions, including luminaires tailored for architectural and area lighting applications. Their products are known for their durability, versatility, and superior performance, making them suitable for illuminating structures, bridges, and landmarks. Lumecon's commitment to innovation and quality ensures that its lighting fixtures contribute to the visual appeal and functionality of various outdoor environments.

  • Nicolaudie Controls: Nicolaudie Controls specializes in lighting control systems, offering a range of innovative solutions for architectural, entertainment, and commercial lighting applications. Their products include DMX controllers, software, and architectural lighting interfaces designed to provide precise control over lighting fixtures. Nicolaudie Controls' intuitive and user-friendly control systems allow designers to create dynamic lighting scenes and effects, enhancing the ambiance of structures, bridges, and landmarks with ease.

  • Pharos Controls: Pharos Controls is a leading manufacturer of lighting control solutions for architectural and entertainment lighting projects. Their products include lighting controllers, software, and networking devices designed to simplify the management of complex lighting installations. Pharos Controls' flexible and scalable solutions empower designers to create dynamic lighting effects that highlight the unique features of structures, bridges, and landmarks, enhancing their visual impact and creating memorable experiences for viewers.

  • Prizm Lighting: Prizm Lighting specializes in LED lighting solutions for architectural, commercial, and industrial applications. Their products include a wide range of LED luminaires, controls, and accessories designed to meet the diverse needs of lighting projects. Prizm Lighting's commitment to quality and innovation ensures that its products deliver superior performance, energy efficiency, and reliability, making them ideal for illuminating structures, bridges, and landmarks with precision and style.


By leveraging products from these quality manufacturers, Lightworks can create captivating lighting designs that not only enhance the beauty of structures and landmarks but also contribute to their visibility, safety, and overall ambiance. 

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