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About Us

Lighting Architecture, Cities, and Infrastructure.

At Lightworks, we believe in doing what we love and loving what we do. Join us in illuminating the future with innovative lighting solutions with passion and expertise.

We collaborate with consultants, engineers, architects, lighting designers, landscape architects, and government agencies to enhance streetscapes, roadways, interior spaces, and transit infrastructure.


From LED lighting to automation, we prioritize energy efficiency and environmental sustainability in all our projects.

We specialize in various market segments:


  • FDOT APL listed roadway and pole products.

  • Architectural lighting with dimmable, dynamic white, and programmable RGB, RGBW, and RGBA options.

  • Municipal standards and decorative streetlights.

  • Site and area lighting for builders and developers.​

  • Interiors with a large array of products catering to hospitality, commercial, and multi-residential spaces.

  • Solar and turtle-friendly lighting solutions for eco-conscious projects.

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