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Sports, Flood & High Mast Lighting

Lighting Up Sports Venues and Expansive Outdoor Spaces

Our Offerings

Lightworks sports lighting products deliver optimal light levels and uniformity tailored to specific sports, ensuring an unforgettable experience for players and spectators alike. These products are featured in high-end sports complexes and offer a range of features including engineered optics, remote monitoring and control capabilities, versatile mounting options, reduced noise generation, and robust weatherproof design.

Our lighting systems are specifically designed for municipal, high school, collegiate, and professional sports venues, providing flexibility and reliability to meet the diverse needs of different sporting events. Whether it's floodlights or specialized LED lighting, our industry-leading products are aimed at enhancing the game and transforming the viewing experience both on the field and in front of television sets on game day.

High mast lighting products illuminate large outdoor areas like highways, airports, and industrial complexes. Mounted on tall poles, they range from 25 to 60 meters high depending on the application, providing widespread illumination. These structures, made of durable materials like steel or aluminum, withstand environmental forces. Lighting fixtures are mounted at the top, with options including floodlights, HID lamps, or LED fixtures.


Applications for high mast lighting are diverse and include:

  • High mast lighting provides adequate illumination for safe nighttime driving and visibility over long stretches of highways and expressways.

  • High mast lighting is essential for illuminating sports fields, stadiums, and outdoor venues, ensuring optimal visibility for players and spectators during sporting events and other outdoor activities.

  • High mast lighting is utilized in industrial facilities, ports, and loading docks to provide bright and uniform illumination for increased safety and productivity during nighttime operations.

  • High mast lighting is installed at airports to provide clear visibility for pilots during takeoff, landing, and taxiing operations, ensuring safe and efficient aircraft movements.

Product Spotlight


Current lighting high mast products represent the pinnacle of outdoor lighting technology, offering innovative solutions for illuminating large outdoor spaces with unparalleled efficiency and performance. These cutting-edge products are designed to meet the diverse needs of modern infrastructure, including highways, sports stadiums, industrial complexes, and airports.


Equipped with advanced LED technology, current lighting high mast products deliver exceptional brightness and energy efficiency, ensuring optimal visibility while minimizing energy consumption and operating costs. They offer superior uniformity and light distribution, providing consistent illumination across the entire area without any dark spots or glare.

Current lighting high mast products are engineered for durability and reliability, with rugged construction and weather-resistant materials that can withstand harsh environmental conditions, including high winds, heavy rain, and extreme temperatures. They are also designed for easy maintenance, with features such as modular components and remote monitoring capabilities that simplify troubleshooting and repair.

These high mast lighting products come in a variety of configurations to suit different applications and mounting heights, ranging from standard mast heights to ultra-high mast installations for stadiums and airports. They offer flexible options for mounting and aiming, allowing for precise adjustment to meet specific lighting requirements and maximize performance.

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