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Smart Tech, Safety Technologies & EV Charging

Integrating Smart Technologies, EV Chargers & Lighting Solutions

Our Offerings

Lightworks remains at the forefront of innovation when it comes to integrating smart technologies into lighting solutions, particularly in the context of urban infrastructure and transit. We leverage technologies such as radio frequency (RF), 0-10V signal and power line current signal (PLC), Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi controls to enable the integration of lighting and controls, making highways and roadways smarter and safer.

Our focus on LED lighting, automation, energy efficiency, and environmentally safe products aligns with modern trends toward sustainable and smart urban development. At Lightworks our expertise resides in providing smart technologies and bright solutions that cater to a range of project needs, from modern urban spaces to institutional settings and improving safety on city streets and roadways.

Safety is a key priority for Lightworks, and we offer a comprehensive range of safety measures for various applications. This includes emergency and exit lighting, battery back-up, and inverters for LED lighting products, as well as traffic delineation, pedestrian protection, and vehicular restriction systems. We also offer devices such as cameras and duress call stations to enhance safety measures, as well as lowering systems to allow accessibility and ease of maintenance on detection devices and cameras.

The DOT-PLUG™ wiring system provides a superior and safer alternative to conventional wiring systems, especially under harsh environmental conditions like those in Florida. The DOT-PLUG™ is praised for its durability, performance, and ability to withstand flooding and corrosion, offering increased safety, and reducing liabilities for transportation departments while reducing risks of injuries or death caused by fire or electrocution for vehicle occupants.


  • City Streets

  • Highways and Expressways

  • Bridges and Structures

  • Flood Prone Areas

  • Maintenance and Accessibility

  • Electrocution and Fire Hazard Prevention

  • Monitoring Device Maintenance and  Accessibility

Electric Vehicle Applications:

Lightworks can assist you in selecting AC and DC EV charging solutions and payment solutions complemented with station network locations.

Product Spotlight

Gateway 360

Fast chargers, particularly Class 2 fast chargers, have become indispensable in the realm of electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure.


These chargers are designed to significantly reduce the charging time for electric vehicles, making them more convenient and practical for drivers on the go. Lightworks, along with Gateway360 International Charging Solutions offers a broad selection of these fast chargers, contributing to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. 

In addition to Class 2 fast chargers, Gateway360 and Lightworks also offer Class 1 chargers, which are typically slower but still essential for residential charging or locations where vehicles can be parked for longer periods, such as workplaces or shopping centers.


By offering a comprehensive range of EV charging solutions, including both fast and standard chargers, Gateway360 and Lightworks contribute to the accessibility and convenience of electric vehicle ownership worldwide.

Class 2 fast chargers typically operate at higher power levels, often ranging from 50 kW to 150 kW or even higher. They can charge an electric vehicle much more quickly than standard Level 2 chargers, which are commonly found in homes and public charging stations. This speed is crucial for reducing charging downtime, especially for drivers who rely on their vehicles for daily commuting or long-distance travel.

Gateway360 International Charging Solutions, in collaboration with Lightworks, provides a range of Class 2 fast chargers tailored to various needs and locations. These chargers are equipped with advanced features such as compatibility with different EV models, multiple charging connectors, and smart charging capabilities for efficient energy management.

Furthermore, Gateway360's charging solutions often incorporate innovative technologies like cloud-based management systems, which allow operators to remotely monitor and manage charging stations. This level of control ensures optimal performance, uptime, and user experience across charging networks.

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