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Site & Area Lighting

Illuminating Outdoor Spaces

Our Offerings

At Lightworks, we have the resources to light even the most challenging environments.

Lighting is one of the most critical – and most visceral – qualities of institutional spaces, and the difference between great, good, and inadequate lighting can make or break the visual comfort, mood, and overall effectiveness of a streetscape project, a marina, an airport, a parking facility or any service or hospitality application.

Quality lighting is measured in terms of visibility and effectiveness. Lighting elements or sources must also strike the perfect balance between form and function.

Dynamic designs. Multiple product designs and styles, mounting options.

Effective lamps and LED sources selection. LED conversion and retrofit options.

Lightworks can help you determine the ideal lighting system for your project. Our site and area lighting products can fulfill more than just a functional task, the unique design of our luminaries will enhance your project with a distinctive style or signature.

We offer you limitless options and work closely with you to create a lighting system that appropriately distributes light while achieving the aesthetical style you envisioned.

Our applications include:


  • Pedestrian Walkways

  • City Parks

  • Urban Streetscapes 

  • Cargo, Cruise Ships Seaports, and Marinas

  • Institutions, Commercial Spaces, and Retail Environments

  • Facades and Building Exteriors


  • Library will be updated shortly.

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