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Roadway & Street Lighting

Enhancing Urban Safety and Efficiency with Lighting Solutions

Our Offerings

In Florida's bustling urban areas, like those in tourism-heavy regions, proper lighting for roads and streets is crucial. With over 125 million visitors each year and the resident population growing rapidly, safe transportation corridors are essential. The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) manages a vast network of expressways, major roads, and streets, vital for efficient travel across the state. Proper lighting is necessary for the safety of motorists, cyclists, pedestrians, and public transportation users.


In addition to facilitating safe navigation, roadway, and street lighting also play a crucial role in enhancing security. Well-lit public spaces serve as a deterrent to criminal activity and allow for effective monitoring of pedestrian areas, instilling a sense of comfort and safety among residents and visitors. By providing visibility, contrast, and visual comfort, lighting not only aids in crime prevention but also fosters a sense of community and connectivity among individuals.

Energy efficiency is another critical consideration in modern lighting solutions. LED technology not only reduces energy consumption but also offers superior performance and longevity, contributing to environmental sustainability and cost savings in the long run.

At Lightworks, we specialize in providing innovative lighting solutions tailored to the unique needs of urban environments. Our LED luminaires are designed to deliver optimal performance while prioritizing safety, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal.

Our comprehensive range of lighting solutions encompasses various applications, including:


  • Municipal Streets and Sidewalks

  • Local and State Roads

  • Highways and Expressways

  • Tunnels, Bridges, and Causeways

  • Pedestrian Walkways

  • Bike Paths

  • Urban Streetscapes

  • High Mast Lighting


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