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Lighting Dimming & Controls

Advanced LED Lighting Control Solutions

Our Offerings

Lightworks provides a comprehensive range of solutions for dimming and controlling LED lighting, catering to various needs and preferences. These solutions encompass a wide spectrum of functionalities, from basic dimming to advanced color-changing capabilities, all aimed at enhancing user experience and enabling customization.

  • 0-10V Dimming: Lightworks offers solutions for 0-10V dimming, allowing users to adjust the brightness levels of LED lighting fixtures smoothly and precisely. This traditional dimming method is widely used in commercial and architectural lighting applications, providing reliable control over illumination levels.

  • RGB/RGBW Color Control: For users seeking dynamic lighting scenes and color-changing effects, Lightworks provides control solutions for RGB and RGBW LED sources. These solutions enable users to create vibrant and immersive lighting environments, perfect for entertainment venues, hospitality spaces, and architectural accent lighting.

  • Smartphone Applications: Lightworks offers smartphone applications that allow users to control LED lighting fixtures remotely. Through intuitive interfaces, users can adjust brightness, change colors, and create dynamic lighting effects using their smartphones, providing convenience and flexibility in lighting control.

  • Touchpads with Color Wheels and Scene Buttons: Lightworks' touchpad controllers feature intuitive interfaces with color wheels and scene buttons, enabling users to easily select colors, adjust brightness, and recall predefined lighting scenes. These controllers offer tactile feedback and streamline the lighting control process, making them ideal for residential and commercial installations.

  • Advanced Programming and Calendar Events: Lightworks provides advanced control solutions with Pharos or Nicolaudie controllers, offering sophisticated programming capabilities and the ability to schedule lighting events based on time or external triggers. These controllers empower users to create dynamic lighting sequences, synchronize multiple fixtures, and automate lighting behaviors according to predefined schedules or events.

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