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LED Retrofit Solutions

LED Solid-state Retrofit Solutions

Our Offerings

Lightworks provides LED solid-state retrofit solutions from various manufacturers, including HILUMZ, which can be fitted into existing luminaires if space permits. We also offer GU and ED base LED lamps, some with built-in drivers to replace HID electrical gear.

HILUMZ offers retrofit solutions for LED solid-state lighting, designed to upgrade existing luminaires to more energy-efficient and sustainable LED technology. These retrofit kits are versatile and can be adapted to various housing spatial cavities and constructions, provided that the existing fixtures allow for retrofitting. HILUMZ retrofit solutions typically involve replacing traditional light sources such as HID (High-Intensity Discharge) lamps with LED light engines, resulting in improved energy efficiency, longevity, and performance.

Sternberg Lighting specializes in providing retrofit solutions for LED solid-state lighting, offering options to upgrade existing luminaires to LED technology. These retrofit solutions are tailored to Sternberg's luminaires, ensuring compatibility and seamless integration with their products. Sternberg's retrofit solutions aim to enhance the lighting performance and efficiency of their fixtures, providing customers with cost-effective and sustainable lighting solutions.

Lightworks also offers a range of LED lamps as retrofit solutions, including GU (Guzet) and ED (Edison) base LED lamps. These lamps are designed to replace traditional incandescent or compact fluorescent lamps, offering energy savings and longevity. Some LED lamps feature built-in drivers, allowing users to remove existing HID electrical gear from fixtures, further simplifying the retrofit process. Additionally, Lightworks provides turtle-friendly amber light sources, specifically designed to minimize light pollution and disruption to wildlife, such as sea turtles.

Lightworks offers the option of a dual light engine source, which combines white and amber LEDs in a single fixture. This dual-source configuration is particularly useful during turtle hatching seasons, where white light can be switched to amber light to minimize disturbance to nesting sites and ensure the safe passage of hatchlings to the sea. By providing dual light engine sources, Lightworks demonstrates its commitment to environmental sustainability and wildlife conservation.

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