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Landscape Lighting

Creating Inspiring Landscapes

Our Offerings

There are many ways to make your landscape lighting awe-inspiring.

Lightworks can help you reveal the beauty already present in the landscape or enhance the architecture by creating new scenes using color, light, and shadow.

This at the heart of the artistry of landscape lighting. Still, there is more to landscape lighting than creating beauty through light and shadow. The excessive use of artificial light– known as light pollution – can have environmental consequences for humans, wildlife, and vegetation.

As experts in lighting design, we understand dynamics such as excessive brightness, dark sky requirements, BUG rating, light trespassing, and clutter and how to design, suggest installing and integrate a cost effective and durable lighting solution for even the most challenging landscapes.



  • Waterfronts

  • Seaside Promenade

  • Condominiums and Housing Communities

  • Hotels, Resorts, and Hospitals

  • Pedestrian Walkways

  • City Parks and State Recreation Facilities

  • Urban Streetscapes

  • Commercial Properties

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