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Architectural & Facade Lighting

Enhancing Architecture Through Lighting

Our Offerings

Lightworks offers a comprehensive range of LED architectural lighting solutions aimed at enhancing various aspects of the architecture. The use of LED technology opens a world of possibilities for architects and designers, allowing for sleek designs, heavy-duty applications, and versatile lighting effects.

The mention of color-changing capabilities, mood setting, and programmable sequencing underscores the versatility of LED lighting in creating dynamic and customizable lighting experiences. This flexibility allows architects and designers to adapt the lighting to suit different atmospheres, occasions, or user preferences, enhancing the overall aesthetic and functionality of the space.

The emphasis on features such as extreme brightness, weather resistance, high-impact resistance, and longevity in harsh environments highlights the reliability and durability of Lightworks' manufacturers and their products. These qualities are crucial for outdoor and high-traffic indoor applications where lighting fixtures need to withstand various environmental conditions while maintaining their performance.

Lightworks' commitment to offering quality products tailored to meet the specific needs of each project confirms a customer-centric approach. By providing personalized recommendations and solutions, Lightworks aims to ensure that its clients achieve their desired lighting outcomes, whether it's for a luxury hotel, condominium, office center, or any other architectural project.




  • Multi-colored animated RGB/RGB

  • Dynamic white LED options

  • Linear systems for stairs, rails, retaining walls, and benches

  • LED markers and pavers for landscapes, roadways, and streetscapes

  • In-ground and ground mount LED up light for trees and statues

  • Dimming and color-changing architectural and landscape lighting

  • Programmable technologies accessible through apps and Wi-Fi

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